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Where can I buy The Movie Card?

We’ve made it easy for you – you can buy the movie card online, and we’ve got more than 1,400 locations to buy The Movie Card throughout Australia! Just visit one of these leading retailers. Look for the big gift card stand in stores!

Can I buy The Movie Card online?

You can buy The Movie Card online, here.

Can I buy The Movie Card from my local movie theatre?

A few selected cinemas including all the Majestic cinemas sell The Movie Card.

Can I buy gift cards in denominations other than $25 or $50?

Not at this stage however you can of course buy multiple cards to create whatever value gift you want to give – the sky’s the limit! At The Movie Card we like to do this by adding more cards to the one packet, putting multiple cards in a gift bag or envelope or stacking cards together and tying them up with a ribbon!

Can you really use The Movie Card for both traditional and luxury cinema with the one card?

You sure can! Let the recipient of your gift decide how they want to do their movie night! If the movie theatre you choose offers luxury cinema (or Imax or drive-in for that matter) you can use the one card to pay for these tickets too, up to the value on your card.

Is there room to write a message inside The Movie Card?

There sure is! The packaging of The Movie Card looks like a greeting card. We’ve deliberately left the inside of The Movie Card’s card holder blank so there is enough room to write your own personal message.

Does The Movie Card work if I buy it in say, Perth and send it to my mum in Sydney?

It sure does! We’re a national card! That’s the beauty of The Movie Card – you can let your friends and family go to their local and use The Movie Card their way!

Do you have any gift ideas for giving The Movie Card?

Gift ideas are our specialty! Be it Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Employee Incentives and Rewards, Corporate Gifts or just a “thank you” or a #datenight surprise, The Movie Card is the newest way to give the gift of cinema and has a movie experience to suit! Because we have such a wide variety of cinemas from drive-ins, new multiplex cinemas to classic historical theatres, there is a cinema experience to suit everyone! Your gift, your movie, your way!

The Movie Card is the perfect Christmas gift for friends and family members and a great way to thank colleagues, employees, business partners or clients for a great year completed. With Kris Kringle and Secret Santa gift-giving so popular, we’ve specifically created a $25 card which is perfect for these occasions (and doubles as the perfect size for a Christmas stocking!).

Mothers Day and Fathers day
Give the gift of a much needed night out for busy mums and dads of all ages. The Movie Card is perfect to slip inside a greeting card and send (or just write inside our card).

The Movie Card is great when you want a gift that you know they’ll love – who doesn’t like a night at the flicks! The Movie Card is a gift that gives them something to look forward to once the candles are blown out and the cake is gone!

What better way to celebrate than a relaxing night at the movies and perhaps a cheeky glass of wine! The Movie Card is the newest way to give the gift of cinema to your loved one. #datenight

Employee Gifts & Rewards and Corporate Gifts
With the smart black and gold packaging and the some of the most beautiful cinemas in Australia, The Movie Card is the classy way to give the gift of cinema.

Thank you
The perfect way to say “thanks” for feeding the cat, lending me the car, helping paint the fence, looking after the kids or being a great teacher.


What Can I Buy with The Movie Card?

You can use the one card for both luxury and traditional cinema tickets (where available), confectionary, popcorn, choc tops, meals and wine (where available and if you are over 18!) and any of your usual movie favourites that the Participating Cinemas offer, up to the value on your card.

Are there any restrictions on when I can use The Movie Card?

There are no restrictions on when you can use your card. The Movie Card is accepted anytime cinemas are open, 7 days a week.

Are there any fees or costs on The Movie Card?

There are no fees or costs on your card. They are sold for the face value amount and accepted by the cinemas up to the value on the card. When purchasing The Movie Card online you may be required to pay for shipping and credit card processing fees, subject to promotions.

Where can I use The Movie Card?

You can use your gift card at any of our participating cinemas Australia wide. More cinemas are joining us every day!

Can I add more money to the value of my The Movie Card?

No. The Movie Card cannot be reloaded.

How do I use The Movie Card to pay for my movie tickets or food?

If you can swipe, you can use The Movie Card! 1) Present The Movie Card when paying for your items at the ticket counter, confectionary counter or the bar at your chosen participating cinema. 2) The Movie Card is swiped through the eftpos terminal. 3) You select SAVINGS and enter your pin number on the back of The Movie Card 4) Head to the theatre and enjoy your movie!
If you want to spend more than the face value of your gift card, you can just pay the remaining amount by another form of payment. If you have spent less than the face value of your gift card, the amount will remain on the card for next time you choose to use it. Read how to use your card.

Can I use The Movie Card to buy movie tickets online?

No, at this stage you can only pay for tickets at your local movie theatre…but watch this space.

Do I press, cheque, savings, or credit at the eftpos terminal when using The Movie Card?

Remember to press SAVINGS (and then your PIN number found on the back of your card).

Is the physical card required at the cinema to use the card?

Yes, it swipes like an eftpos card so must be presented. Photos on your phone are not sufficient sorry.

If my transaction is greater than the amount on my gift card, can I pay the rest with cash or credit card?

Yes, you sure can. Transaction amounts are subject to individual cinema terms and conditions.

What happens if I do not use the full amount on The Movie Card in one transaction?

Don’t worry, your card is multi-usable and you can just use it next time! Continue using it until the value of the card has been used up or the card expires. Individual cinemas may have minimum eftpos transaction amounts.

Do I receive change on a The Movie Card transaction?

No. But The Movie Card can be used until the balance reaches a nil value. Minimum transaction amounts may apply.

Does The Movie Card expire?

Yes it does. Your card is valid for the period specified on the back of your card, which commences from the purchase date. If the date is not written on the back of the card it is your responsibility to check your card balance and expiry date on the website.

How do I check my card balance and expiry date?

Check here or use the “Check your balance” link in the menu.

If there are funds still left on my The Movie Card, can I have this in cash?

No. You can only use the card for purchases at cinemas.

Can I use The Movie Card to get cash out of the ATM?

No. You can only use the card for purchases at cinemas.

Can I use more than one The Movie Card to buy movie tickets?

Sure. As long as there is credit on the card/s, this is fine.


What can I do if The Movie Card gets stolen, lost or damaged?

The Movie Card should be treated like cash and kept in a secure place. We unfortunately cannot replace a lost, stolen or damaged card under any circumstances. Please see our Terms and Conditions for further details.

What if my The Movie Card is not accepted for payment?

Sorry to hear that. Check out the following reasons your card may not be working:

1.The balance you have nominated is not available. You can check your card balance here.

2. Your gift card has expired. Gift cards have a 12 month expiry, which can be calculated 12 months from the date of issue, and/when you check your balance.

3. The cinema you have tried to use your gift card at is not participating cinema with The Movie Card. You can view participating Cinemas here.

What can I do if I experience issues with a gift card purchased second hand or from an uncertified third party seller?

Our gift cards are available for purchase from specific retailers – the list of certified sellers can be found here. We cannot guarantee the validity of any gift card you purchase from any other retailer – including any auction website or discount website who is not listed as one of our Participating retailers. Any gift card not purchased from a certified seller may be fake or counterfeit or associated with fraudulent activity. The Movie Card will not be liable to you or any other person for any loss arising from any purchase of our gift cards from a retailer who is not listed as a participating retailer.

My local cinema is not a participating The Movie Card cinema? What can I do?

If you have a great local cinema that is not with The Movie Card, tell them about us! Cinemas can easily make an enquiry on our website and get signed up with us.